Pet story with a happy ending

A Pet Story with a Happy Ending

You have to love a pet story with a happy ending, and I heard this one last week at an event. The story was about a woman who could no longer remain in her own home because of declining health and the onset of dementia. Her four children were aware of this situation and decided her safety and well-being would be assured if she moved to an assisted living facility. This was NOT an easy decision for the grown children, but all of them lived a considerable distance from their mother and were unable to become full-time caregivers.

Everything from downsizing her possessions to selecting an assisted living facility for their mother was handled with love and respect. The one decision causing all of them distress dealt with their mother’s little dog who had been a constant and loyal companion. After much deliberation, they decided … 

to take the dog to an adoption shelter hoping someone would give this little dog a new and loving home.

I don’t know if it was blind luck or prayers, but a young woman walked into the adoption shelter looking for a small dog. She not only immediately fell in love with this little dog, but she also recognized it as the dog who accompanied its elderly owner to the park! This young woman contacted the children and asked permission to visit their mother at the assisted living facility and to take the little dog with her during those visits. I couldn’t help but think it was a pet story with a happy ending and such a beautiful honor to both owners!

Do you have pets? Who have you designated to take care of them when something happens to you? Have they agreed to the time and financial commitment required for your pets’ care? Are you providing any financial support to the person taking on this responsibility? Would your pet have a pet story with a happy ending?

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