kids don't want your stuff

Your kids don’t want your stuff! Can that be true?

It’s true – your kids don’t want your stuff. The conversation on personal property or stuff is a universal topic. I design my speaking engagements for the intended audience and recently spoke to a large group of older, retired adults still living in their own homes. I shared the research on the top 10 things kids DON’T want to inherit from their parents or relatives. The top 10 are:

  1. Fine china and fancy porcelain dinnerware
  2. Sterling silver flatware and crystal wine glasses
  3. Linens
  4. Persian rugs
  5. Dark, heavy antique furniture
  6. Anything silver-plated that must be polished
  7. Figurines and collector plates
  8. Trunks, sewing machines and film projectors
  9. Paper items such as photos, greeting cards, postcards
  10. Books

I briefly introduced myself and explained my reasons for starting Strategic Hourglass Solutions and then asked my audience how many owned #1 – the fine china. More than 50% raised …

their hands with one woman shouting out that she had 3 sets of china. This one category generated lots of discussion and disbelief that their kids or grand kids just might not want the china. Discussing the category of sterling silver and crystal glasses also prompted many responses from the audience. By the time we reached the category of figurines and collector plates, the attendees were sharing their stories and their solutions to address this universal problem of ‘those kids today’ who don’t want grandma’s Hummel figurines or photo albums filled with pictures of people they don’t know. One gentleman in the audience has every item listed in #8 above, and is concerned, maybe even perplexed, about the disposition of his mother’s antique sewing machine if none of his children want it.

In next week’s article, I’ll reveal solutions some of the attendees shared with the group. Although a difficult topic to discuss, light-hearted moments and laughter filled the room as some recalled humorous stories dealing with personal property. It is imperative to be prepared for the possibility that your kids don’t want your stuff.

Our mission at Strategic Hourglass Solutions is to educate others on the importance of Legacy Planning by starting the conversations on topics such as moving, downsizing, disability and death. Do you really want to burden your loved ones with dealing with all your stuff? Will your heirs disagree about the disposition of your stuff resulting in a permanent rift in the family? Does your family know the story behind a particular heirloom or have an appreciation of your figurine or plate collection? Do you know if your kids want your stuff?

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