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Holiday Shopping – It’s That Time Already

How did the holiday shopping season arrive so fast? It seems like just yesterday brick and mortar stores displayed swimsuits, shorts, and sandals and online ads touted these same items. We planned fun outdoor activities like cookouts, swimming, boating and baseball games, and did outdoor chores such as yard mowing and garden tending. Yet, here we are with Thanksgiving and Christmas advertising now competing for our attention.

I recall as a child hearing older people state ‘time goes by faster the older you get’. Of course, when …

you’re young, it feels as if it will be forever before you turn 16 and get a driver’s license, so it’s easy to discard this ‘passing of time’ statement. But now, at my age, I reluctantly pack away the summer items and unpack the boots, scarves, gloves and heavy coats in preparation for the snow and freezing temperatures ahead, and wonder how the months of July, August and September came and went so quickly.

As more and more stores such as Sears, K-Mart, and Toys ‘R Us close their doors, it’s interesting to hear a unique shopping idea. I recently met with an elderly lady who purchased my book, Lifetime Legacy Planner, and we discussed the importance of the ‘Personal Property’ chapter. This chapter not only lists your possessions, but also documents and details the disposition of these possessions.

The unique shopping idea this lady conceived dealt with giving some of her most cherished personal items as Christmas presents. She shared stories about some items and explained why she was giving them to a particular family member or friend. As I listened to her stories, I couldn’t help but think of my mother’s ‘black tray’ which is the story I wrote for the ‘Personal Property’ chapter in my book. The full story about the ‘black tray’ along with additional stories found in the Planner can be read on our Ten Stories page.

Have you started your holiday shopping? Where will you make most of your purchases: Online? Big retail stores? The malls? Maybe it’s time to consider wrapping a family heirloom and gifting it, along with its story, to a family member or precious friend. Perhaps, one of the best gifts you could purchase this holiday season is our Lifetime Legacy Planner in order to provide your friends or loved ones with a practical way to document their wishes and determine how their personal property is given.

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