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Your kids still don’t want your stuff! Some ideas for you!

They still don’t want your stuff. Last week’s article addressed the topic of personal property or your stuff, and the top 10 things kids don’t want to inherit from their parents or relatives. Fine china is at the top of the list with sterling silver flatware and crystal glasses running a close 2nd.

The audience recommended donating to an organization, having a garage sale, opening an account for selling online, or my favorite, giving to the person you want to have it knowing it is now theirs to do as they please. I recently did this with my diamond wedding rings even though I would still occasionally wear them. For me, it was so much fun telling my niece the humorous story of my wedding … 

day on Friday, June 13th. I reassured her the rings were hers and she could decide their fate.

One woman with quite the collection of figurines is donating them as bingo prizes for her church. Another woman displays some of her photos each year at the family reunion and asks family members to choose a favorite. This creates the perfect opportunity to relive memories while decreasing the number of photos she has in her possession. Antique furniture was another topic of great concern. Conversation ensued about having the antiques appraised for selling or donating. Someone asked if the Antique Roadshow would be making an appearance in central Illinois anytime soon.

The topic of books generated a lively discussion because this was the preferred method of education for many audience members, myself included. When I moved back to Illinois 11 years ago, my personal belongings included over 500 books. Since then, I’ve donated over 300 to libraries or others, but I’m sure my college finance books will forever be a permanent fixture on my bookcases. The type of book also was a big discussion topic especially if it was a gift for a graduation or special occasion, a signed copy by the author, or great-grandmother’s bible. I emphasized the importance of the owner determining the best course of action since it is their stuff to decide if something should be sold, given away, or even discarded. These are just some of the ideas we have to offer so you can begin your downsizing process in case your kids or other relatives don’t want your stuff.

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After all, do you really want to burden your loved ones with all your stuff?

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