Died and nobody noticed

She Died and Nobody Noticed

She died and nobody noticed–can that be true? Every once in a while, I receive an article too bizarre to believe, so when my cousin emailed me the story titled ‘Woman’s auto-payments hid her death for six years’, I knew I had to research this before writing about it. And yes, it’s true – she died and nobody noticed for six years – I found the live broadcast on St. Louis’ FOX2now.

After viewing the telecast, my first thoughts were:

  • Why had neither family nor friends nor her employer reached out to her when she no longer ‘showed up’?
  • With all of our technology including cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc., how is it someone dies and no one notices for SIX years?

I read with interest how this 40-year-old traveled extensively for her job and therefore wasn’t …

home much. The article stated a neighbor mowed her yard and mail never piled up at her house, so her neighbors never suspected anything wrong. Auto-payments kept her bills paid. It was only after her bank account was depleted and the mortgage company foreclosed on her house that her body was found. But SIX years!

The article brings to the forefront the dilemma many childfree older adults face as they age and their health declines. It is imperative a plan is created so others such as nieces, nephews, or close friends are aware of their wishes. Identifying an attorney to create a will or trust, a funeral director to plan a burial, and a financial advisor to insure financial records are in order including choice of beneficiaries is integral for end-of-life planning. Thus, advanced planning is crucial to insure childfree older adults’ wishes are documented and their legacy preserved.

“Because sooner or later, we all run out of time …”

To help you get started with creating your plan, Strategic Hourglass Solutions has created the Lifetime Legacy Planner. This book guides you through 10 important chapters designed to catalog your personal information, your assets and liabilities, the location of your important papers, the distribution of your assets, and your final wishes so they are carried out and respected at the time of your passing.

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