Aging in Place

Aging in Place

As the senior population increases, more seniors are opting to age in place. My 91-year-old mother is choosing to do just that. Mom still lives on the family farm and has emphatically stated to her nine living children that we are not to even remotely consider moving her out of the home where she raised her family. It’s hard to dispute her request. She still participates in senior water aerobics twice a week at her Fit Club, stays involved in her farm operation decisions, drives herself to church each Sunday, and does her own grocery shopping and cooking. Recently, she relinquished … Read More

when to move out of your home

When to Move Out of Your Home

Moving out of a house is not the same as moving out of your home, and this is especially true for older adults. The physical tasks of packing, sorting, and organizing can be overwhelming.  The most stressful task may be deciding what to keep and what to discard. Leaving the memories associated with your home can be very painful.

Many older adults never plan to move out of their homes, but an event occurs which necessitates the discussion on when and where to go. Most often it is a change in personal health that precipitates … Read More

family home for sale

I thought I would inherit the house!

In most situations, it is assumed someone will inherit the house. As our parents age and are faced with the difficult decision of how long they are able to continue living in their home, there is always the question of what will happen to their house. It can be a shock to family members when they are made aware of the cost associated with mom and/or dad moving into a retirement community, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. At one of my speaking engagements in April, the cost of long-term care generated quite the discussion among the attendees. Prices vary depending on the type of care, but my audience was shocked to learn about the depletion of an entire estate in Boston due to …  Read More