Pet story with a happy ending

A Pet Story with a Happy Ending

You have to love a pet story with a happy ending, and I heard this one last week at an event. The story was about a woman who could no longer remain in her own home because of declining health and the onset of dementia. Her four children were aware of this situation and decided her safety and well-being would be assured if she moved to an assisted living facility. This was NOT an easy decision for the grown children, but all of them lived a considerable distance from their mother and were unable to become full-time caregivers.

Everything from downsizing her possessions to selecting an assisted living facility for their mother was handled with love and respect. The one decision causing all of them distress dealt with their mother’s little dog who had been a constant and loyal companion. After much deliberation, they decided … Read More

farm animals

From Farm Animals to Pets

Although I grew up on a farm and was surrounded by farm animals, I was not particularly attached to any of them as pets. It was a known fact that sooner or later, the steer you showed in 4-H would likely end up on the dinner table as hamburger or steak. The dogs were more for alerting us when the ‘cows are out’, which meant the cows had gotten out of their pasture and were on the road. Those three words would immediately cause everything to come to a halt in order to round up and secure them back in the fenced pasture since they presented a hazard to drivers. The cattle are still my favorite of the farm animals, and in a future article, I’ll share the story of running inside a burning barn in … Read More