Caregiver Questions

Caregiver Questions to Consider

How would you answer these 3 questions?

  1. Have you ever been a caregiver?
  2. Are you a caregiver now?
  3. Do you expect to need a caregiver as you age?

Planning is imperative regardless of whether you are a caregiver or a care receiver now, or expect to be in the future. Oftentimes, the caregiver is thrown into a chaotic situation resulting in more questions than answers. This creates additional stress for everyone. The legal, financial, and …

medical aspects of caregiving can be overwhelming. Thus, it is important to have conversations about your or a loved one’s wishes before a crisis happens.

Questions to Consider:

Who do you want to make medical and financial decisions for you when you are unable to do so? Have you prepared the necessary legal documents such as a durable power of attorney for health care and a durable power of attorney for property (finances)? Do you have a will? Would your caregiver know where to find these documents? Are they in a paper format and/or in an electronic format? Is a copy available in the cloud?

What about your digital accounts? Who would you appoint to manage these until they are transferred or closed? Digital accounts would include, but are not limited to, financial institutions, health care insurance, property insurance, your favorite websites, and social media accounts.

Would your caregiver have easy access to your drug history (generic, brand, OTC)? Would they know the name of your drugs and what the drug is treating? Can they find the dosage and the instructions of when and how to take each drug? Are the risks and potential side effects identified? Are any drug allergies noted clearly?

Caregiving is a challenging experience. Keeping track of the legal, financial and medical records is a huge responsibility for the caregiver. It’s very important to have the right documents readily available when decisions must be made. To ease the stress of the caregiver and the care receiver, we have created our comprehensive ‘Information for My Caregiver’ guide. It is coming soon to our Purchase a Planner page and will be available in a download fillable pdf version. For more information, please contact Maureen Williams.

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