“My wife and I were in the process of updating our will and recently purchased a “Lifetime Legacy Planner” from Maureen. While looking through the Planner, we realized how inadequate the first draft of our will was and how much more thorough our new will would be following the planning steps listed in the Planner. If you are thinking of retirement or protection of your property and assets for you and your family, this Planner is a necessity!”
L.E. – Owner, Emerson Press

“Maureen’s Lifetime Legacy Planner has opened up a whole new way for me to communicate with my adult children and their children about important stories from my life and heirlooms that I want passed down. We are all having a great time communicating about these things. I have also been guided by the Planner to document important details about financial matters which will make it easy for my daughters to get things settled when the time comes.”
J.O. – Retired, 70 years old

“Maureen was retained to organize a system that would allow us to formally implement a records retention policy for our 1800-member nonprofit organization. Using the policy as a base, Maureen sorted, purged, and reorganized over ten years’ worth of files and records, creating much needed space and providing an effective and efficient system that we continue to use today.”
P.W. – Pacific Northwest ISA

“As the owner of six independent offices, my goal was to organize and separate the business records for each office in order to facilitate our estate and retirement planning. Maureen sorted and filed all of our business records for efficient retrieval when meeting with our attorneys and financial advisors. Filing systems are now in place should I decide to sell one office location at a time.”
L.S. – Quint S Corporation

“Using our retention policy and Maureen’s organizing methodology, we were able to destroy obsolete records, and identified and tagged remaining records with a future destruction date. Maureen recommended several changes to our retention policy to facilitate a smoother process for filing our current records, creating a more efficient filing system, and saving money spent on off-site storage space.”
C.P. – Sparc