Founder and CEO

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Maureen Williams, Founder and CEO

Maureen Williams is an author and founder of Strategic Hourglass Solutions. For more than 30 years, she has overseen accounting and financial operations for organizations across the nation by implementing systems and processes for efficiency and cost savings. Her expertise in organizing and workflow in the corporate world has led to her current book, ‘Lifetime Legacy Planner’, which provides a means to easily organize personal information so documents can be found quickly and easily when the need arises. Maureen is on the Board of Directors of the Women Entrepreneurs-Central Illinois, and the Illinois Stewardship Alliance. She graduated cum laude with a finance degree from the University of Houston, and travels the country speaking about her book and the importance of having an organized system in place.

Our Mission

“To educate others on the importance of Legacy Planning by starting the conversations on topics such as moving, downsizing, disability and death. Because sooner or later, we all run out of time …”